Tuesday, September 3, 2019

At the Beach!

In our family, there's a chorus that we often sing together...

🎜🎝At the beach...that's where I want to be.🎜🎝
At the beach...Baby, come go with me!

And here I am!
I wish you were walking along beside me!

Almost there!! 

Oh my goodness!! Doesn't God's creation astound you??? It does me!
This morning I strolled along the sand beside those rolling waters singing praise to Him!
I'm so in awe of His goodness and glory!

Here's another little glimpse at His goodness....

Books arrived before the trip!

Such exciting days!
Do you have your copy yet?

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Gracie and Grover Go to the Beach!!!

Waiting is hard...but God's timing is perfect!

is now available!!!!

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I hope you'll order yours today! Oh, and please leave a review...that's the absolute best way to show an author some love!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gracie, Grover, and Grandy Groundhog Go to Elevation!

Author Visits are among my favorite things! Elevation Church is among my favorite churches!
Put the two together and it's a winning combination!

The icing on this bookish cake is that 2 of my grandbabies were there to assist!

This handsome little man introduced Grandy Groundhog and me to his classmates!

They were totally adorable and such amazing listeners!

Then this beauty, my firstborn grand, introduced us to her friends!

Wow! They were incredible! So attentive and with such thoughtful questions!
Surely some future writers there!

Because both groups were so engaged, they got to use their imaginations as I read the manuscript for my upcoming book...Gracie & Grover Go to the Beach

God's goodness and grace truly is amazing! I'm so thankful for the opportunities He showers and the groundhoggy blessings He provides!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Groundhog Day with Sir Walter Wally!

What an Amazing Day!
Sir Walter Wally and I got in some good snuggles!

I had the awesome privilege of mingling with readers of all ages
while they waited in line for a closeup visit with Sir Walter Wally!!
This sweet Dad read the whole G is for Groundhog book to his precious girls!
 All the feels!

I love teachers!!
It blesses my heart to know that my books are being shared in classrooms!

This is my treasured friend, Denise Shadduck, Wally's "Mommy"!
I've enjoyed the gift of her friendship since we met at the 
NC Museum of Natural Sciences several years ago.
She was so kind and gracious to give me the opportunity
to be the "entertainment" and book signer,
while folks waited in line for the celebrity of the day!

The day was topped off by making Instagram posts of Groundhog loving friends!

All I can say is that our God surely has a sense of humor,
and I wouldn't trade this groundhoggy adventure for anything!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Let the Celebration Begin!

It's the Week of Groundhog Day!

We started celebrating today! 
First, we got out all the Groundhog books! I have quite a large collection! 
Then, time for some cooking fun!

Don't you love all those little "groundhogs" popping up from their mounds???
Oh so yummy! And fun to make!
Check my recipe page to indulge in your own deliciousness!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

It's Almost Here...Groundhog Day is February 2!!

Groundhog Day!!!
It's coming soon!
Are you ready?
Do you have your books?

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Also...Check my recipes to be sure that you have all ingredients on hand for the big day!! And your Groundhog Cookie Cutter!! Yum! You really need those Spicy Groundhog Cookies!

Monday, January 7, 2019

All the Groundhoggy Christmas Fun!

What a blessing to have so many opportunities to share the story of Christmas through the eyes of Gracie and Grover Groundhog!
Here's a little peek at the fun!
What a joy to visit with FBCM Weekday School!

Storytime at the Faith UMC Christmas Bazaar was full of Christmas delights!

Santa was there!! And one of his best elves!!
It's always fun to make new friends!

I hope your Christmas was most merry and that your new year is off to a wonderful start!